Texture Update - 5$

If you've already got an Awtter, we can just update the textures to work with the new model.


Basic Retexture

Basic Retexture - 10$

A basic retexture of the default Awtter texture, with very little changes.



Simple Retexture - 25$

Simple texturing on the Awtter, little to no or basic markings that are different from the default Awtter.



Advanced Retexture - 40$

Texturing often has to be done in Substance Painter, and has to entirely be done by hand.

(NOTE: Price may be increased if the proposed texture is extremely complex.)


(Note: modeling addons include extra unity work (e.g. toggles, animations) in the overall added cost.)


Basic Modeling - +20$

Very basic addons or small assets, often no weight painting and very simple texturing. May be 1-3 assets, depending on complexity.



Intermediate Modeling - +40$

This often has more complex assets or changes to the Awtter (AKA adding a species), and requires weight painting and UV mapping. Changes will often take extra time. Extra appendages could cost more. (wings, several tails, etc.)



Expert Modeling - DM Me.

DM me with what information you wanted, prefaced with it being an expert model. These are extremely advanced changes and reworks to the Awtter and/or large and very complex items, that we'll need to discuss in DMs.


DLC Work - +5-10$

Any work involving a DLC. (Not including UWU)


UwU DLC - +10-15$

UWU DLC work, will often delay the commission a little bit. Can include Lovense Support if desired.
(*Age verification may be required.*)



Please DM me!

No Awtter? No problem! It may not be a model I have, or issues with licensing may prevent me from working on a model; But feel free to reach out! Pricing for non-awtters is a case-by-case, as there's billions of models out there.

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