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Creation Made Easy.

Graphic Design and Additive Manufacturing done simple.

Who are we?

Chcreations is a company designed to let you be in control.

We create professional logos and backgrounds for anything. Any business or personal application, we'll do it for cheap.
We also use Additive Manufacturing in order to create prototypes for your business, or any 3D object your heart desires.
If you want it made, we'll make it.


Q.) What kind of Graphic Design do you perform?
A.) We perform any graphic design needed! Whether it be
for a company logo or website background, we'll make it!

Q.) What is "Additive Manufacturing"?
A.) Additive Manufacturing, more popularly known as "3D Printing",
is the process of layering material (most commonly plastic) on top
of itself in order to print in the vertical dimension.

Q.) Will you really make anything I want?
A.) If you've got an idea, or the 3D model, we'll design and/or print it!
The only limiting factor is the model fitting on our printers. Learn more
about that in the section below. Otherwise, nothing is off limits!


Graphic Design

Our graphic Design services start at a base price of $5, with larger projects costing more. A project will not exceed $35 per image.


3D Printing

Our 3D printing services start at a base price of $10, and larger prints / more complicated prints will cost more. A piece will not exceed $50 per piece.* 

*(This price does not include shipping)