Terms of Service

Disclaimer: The ToS may change at anytime without notice. Though I will do my best to inform you all when this occurs. By applying for a commission you are assuming responsibility for having read, understood, and agreed to my ToS. Failure to do so may result in your commissions to be denied or canceled during the process. I reserve right to refuse an application without any justification. If a commission is cancelled after payment you will receive a full or partial refund depending on how much has been completed along with such work.
(LAST UPDATED: 5/2/2021)


    To apply for a commission, simply send details (as well as reference images if you’re in possession of such) of the commission to me (Contact). Be sure to specify EVERYTHING you want.


    As the artist I maintain full right / copyright to all artwork/renders regardless of payments or ownership (respecting a base models license). However all characters involved belong to their respective owners. As such, I reserve the right to use the art/renders for advertising. When work is complete you will receive an archived version of the project via Google Drive, Telegram, or Discord (if within respective file limits). You do not have any right to remove or crop out any watermarks or signatures from my artwork. My work must not be used or completed by another artist without my permission to do so. You may not reuse or post my artwork/models anywhere for public use, and you may not reuse or post my work within unity without explicit permission.  


    Payment is via PayPal only. I will not accept any other method of payment. My prices are in USD, however PayPal deals with the conversions from any other currency. I will not start any work until the FULL payment has been made, this protects me as an artist and avoids wasted time. Please be sure to have the appropriate funds ready in your PayPal account before you apply for a commission. Please send the payment within 72 hours of receiving an invoice from me via email. If the payment is not received in this time, I may cancel your commission. DO NOT send payment unless I have accepted your commission and sent you an invoice.


    I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time. As such, the commissioner will receive a refund based on the amount of work completed before the cancellation. If the commission is cancelled before any work is done, a full refund will be given. Partially completed work will be accompanied by a partial refund comparable to the amount of work which could not be completed. In the incident of an unpredictable emergency, the commissioner may cancel the commission before any work is completed and will be offered a full refund in this case. If work has passed the sketch stage, the a refund will not be available.

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